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Susan Getgood,

Susan Getgood is a marketing and social media professional (who developed a travel habit early in life. Even when budgets were tight, her mom managed to take her and her brother someplace interesting every summer, even if just for a long weekend. In high school and college, she spent a year and a semester respectively in France, and has since traveled throughout the United States and Europe. Snapshot Chronicles Roadtrip was created to share what she’s learned about traveling with kids. Including when to leave them home!¬† In addition to Roadtrip, you can find her at her personal blog Snapshot Chronicles, her professional blog Marketing Roadmaps, and on:

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Sandra Getgood

Susan convinced her mom Sandra, shown at left with grandson Douglas, to join her on the Roadtrip blog to post about their September 2009 trip to Africa. Everything Susan knows about traveling with kids, and making it fun for everyone, she learned from her mum.

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Mary Cardwell

Mary Cardwell joined us on the Roadtrip during Summer 2009 to share her family’s experiences traveling cross-country in an RV. ¬†Hopefully she’ll be back with more family adventures in 2010.¬†

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