A Little Perspective: Kids Photo Contest Summer 2007


A Little Perspective is a photo contest for kids, and their parents, sponsored by Picture This, The Little Zygote That Could and Snapshot Chronicles.

The contest started Tuesday, July 24, 2007 and ended Friday, August 10, 2007. Winners were announced Friday August 24, 2007. This post lists all the winners.

Who can enter: Children under the age of 13. There are three age groups:

  • Under 6
  • Under 9 (6 years old up to 8 years 364 days)
  • Under 13 (9 years up to 12 years 364 days)

Please use the child’s age on the day the contest submissions end, August 10, 2007.

What: Each child can submit up to three photos that they took themselves. We recommend that moms and dads sit down with their kids and select the pictures together.

Advice for kids: Don’t take pictures just for the contest. Look over pictures you already have. Take the new pictures you want to take and then look them over with your parents and select three you’d like to submit.

How to enter: Upload your pictures to the photo pool for the Flickr group A Little Perspective. You will have to join the group, and then follow Flickr’s instructions for posting a picture to a photo pool.

In the description field, indicate the child’s name/nickname and age group and write one sentence about why the family chose this picture. Here is an example.

Advice for parents: Remember that this is a public group and other people will be able to see the entries, so don’t reveal any more information about your child than you are comfortable. All we need is a nickname, age group and a way to contact mom or dad, which we have through Flickr.

Judges : Tracey Clark of Picture This, Sheri Reed of The Little Zygote That Could and Susan Getgood of Snapshot Chronicles.

We will be looking for photos that show us what it’s like being a kid in 2007. We want to see the world through their eyes. Photos with a fresh, unique perspective. Interesting images.

Prizes: First prize in each age group is a cool camera case, donated by the great folks at Photojojo. HP, Club Mom and Fruity Cheerios also provided prizes.

Questions? Please ask them in the Questions thread on the Flickr group so everyone can benefit from the answers. Thanks!