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Taken at Ground Zero December 21, 2012

2012 has not been a great year for so many friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and truth be told, not so wonderful for me either. Most days, it definitely felt like the toast was jelly-side down.

But I’ve always been a glass half-full person. So rather than dwell on the bad, I thought I would take some time to share some of the things about which I am grateful and happy.

First, and always, my son Douglas (Instagram picture). The (still in progress) divorce has meant changes for all of us but Doug has really come into his own this year, and brought home his best report card EVER this fall, which makes me disgustingly proud.

I missed him over Thanksgiving when he was with his Dad and will miss him this weekend when he goes to spend the New Year with my ex, but we are forging new holiday traditions. Starting with a trip to New York City at holiday time. This year, it was the school field trip on December 21st. We went to the World Trade Center site, Bryant Park (Instagram picture), Rockefeller Center (Instagram picture) and of course the M&M Store in Times Square. With exciting (to 6th, 7th and 8th graders) culinary stops at McDonalds, Sbarro and the train station cafe.

We also make a point of visiting the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium every year for the Festival of Lighthouses Contest. We stumbled upon it the first year we lived here, and now, three years in, it is part of the holiday tradition. It runs through January 21st, so if you are in southwestern CT, well worth the stop.

The Bridgeport Independence Day parade starts from the public park next to our house.

I am beyond grateful to my mother and brother who sold their house in Massachusetts to consolidate with Douglas and me here in Connecticut. Things are still dicey on the financial front, and will be for a while, but having family support nearby has made a world of difference to both me and my son. I posted some pictures of  the house decorated for Christmas on Instagram (at these links – one, two, three) and at right is a shot I took on July 4th.

My job at BlogHer is still the most fun anyone should be allowed to have at a job. Some days the toast is jelly-side down at work too, but I get to do some amazing things. Like ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle last summer and hang out with some tremendous Chicago area bloggers at a Balanced Living workshop hosted by Coca-Cola earlier this month.

Plus, every day, I get to work with a terrific group of people ( my BlogHer colleagues, our amazingly talented network bloggers, and our sponsors and advertisers) doing what I love the most — connecting brands and social media influencers in mutually beneficial ways. Below is a picture from BlogHer Pro earlier this month of just a few of the tremendously talented folks I get to work with at BlogHer.

Left to right: Skye Kilaen, Susan Getgood, Jenny Lauck, Jenifer Monroe, Lena Lotsey. Photo taken for us by the lovely Josie Webb at BlogHer Pro

Not the least, I am grateful for the stalwart few of you who continue to read my blogs even though I update so infrequently. I start each week with the best intentions. Truly. But so much of what has consumed my personal life this year is just not suitable for blogging. Nevertheless, in 2013, I am aiming for one post a week here, and one on Marketing Roadmaps.

As I have in past years, I’d like to leave you with the words of one of my very favorite Christmas carols, May Every Day Be Christmas by Louis Jordan.

“May every day be Christmas
And every day be blessed
Let the end of every day be filled with happiness
And may the Lord be good to you with every rising sun
All through the day have a smile for everyone
At night time comes a longing to be with ones you love
To sit around the fireside and dream of stars above
So may God bless you and keep you, come what may
Then every day will be a happy day
May good times come to you every day”

Here’s to a buttered-side up 2013 for all of us!

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