Hurricanes, Trolls and Halloween

by Susan Getgood on October 31, 2012 · 9 comments

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After two days without power due to Hurricane Sandy, we were finally restored around 5:30 pm on All Hallows’ Eve. Just after my brother got back from a run to borrow a generator from a family friend in Massachusetts. Ah the irony.

So I started to scroll through my personal email, and found one from an unknown name labeled A Voice from the Past. Curious, I opened it only to immediately realize that my stalker was back. I guess the trolls DO come out for Halloween.

For the last 6 years or so, I have periodically received highly insulting and offensive emails purporting to be from a former colleague at SurfControl. I’m not entirely sure who it is, nor do I really care. It’s clearly someone who didn’t know me particularly well, or he (I think it is a he) would know that I didn’t change my name when I got married, and even might have met my ex-husband at a company function. And thus wouldn’t have copied my brother’s gmail on his latest insulting missive.

I’m also clueless as to why someone would hold a grudge this long against someone they barely knew. Yes, the content is hurtful. It’s meant to be.

And that’s why I’ve decided to shine the light of day on my stalker.

Normally I am an advocate of ignoring trolls, but maybe my stalker just needs his 15 minutes or so of fame, and he will go away. So, here, in its entirety,  is the latest missive from  Anthony Stevenson,

Hi Big Sue, you’re not so easy a lady to communicate with these days as you no longer have “Comment” responses on your blogs … but, I guess it was getting a bit embarrassing that nobody was commenting !! We don’t like to make that visible do we?

Anyway, here I am in an idle moment late one morning and your name “came up” as I was clearing out some old SRF files. How I remember you as that “big girl from the East Coast in marketing … with the even bigger mouth and feeling of self importance”.

Looking at your Snapshot Chronicles I notice that your blog posts are getting less and less (get good my dear) and that you are probably divorced by now. Did he get “too big” in the marriage or was it you who got “too big”?? Or, did he just get sick of your “blogging & self opinionated, feminist bullshit” … and, you simply grew apart – how surprising.

I also couldn’t help notice the HarleyD thing that came in mid-year on your blog … isn’t that for post mid-40 fellas? And, you never did write that article on the HD event … in any event. Another FAD as you now try and find yourself? Anyway, loved your recent “Involuntarily Denied Boarding and Other Airline Tales” post on your “Bogroll”. What a load of crap … is that all you’ve got?  It’s almost:-

  • I have nothing really meaningful to blog about now
  • I have to dig back in time for content, memories
  • I have travelled a lot, I used to be a “bigshot”
  • I’m divorced, a fattie, love dogs and stick up for Moms (cause that all that counts)
  • I just love (T)wittering on about myself to try and keep my profile up

Now Big Sue, you may think what I’ve said above is “unkind” at least but don’t “go on one”, thinking harassment, distress etc because there is absolutely nothing threatening in my email. I’ve just told you what I think of you – you most egocentric of females who is now clearly past the best you managed to spin out for a short while.

Isn’t that neat … and, there’s nothing you can do about it. Sort of free speech I guess. But, you’ve heard it now and I bet you’ll never forget it. Try changing, you just might have 30-years to do it.

And there you have it.

Anthony, whoever you are, you complained about my comments being closed. They are not — you can easily leave one on this post. So man up — tell me who you are and what action I took that has you so riled up — after more than 8 years — that you keep sending me these offensive emails.

Or feel free to crawl back under your bridge.

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