Avengers Assemble!

by Susan Getgood on May 17, 2012

in TV/Film

I will admit it, I am a total fan girl when it comes to comic book hero films. Superman. Batman. X-Men. But there is a special place in my heart for The Avengers. Especially Iron Man. Because, seriously, Black Sabbath AND Robert Downey Jr.

But like the Grinch, my heart grew  a few sizes this past weekend when we saw The Avengers movie, to encompass Thor, Hulk, Captain America and most especially Hawkeye and Black Widow.

In their standalone films, Cap and Thor were, well, a little bit dull. Hopefully, their sequels will be a bit more energetic, but I have no complaints about them in The Avengers. They struck the perfect note.

And RDJ is always perfect as Iron Man. Even when the script isn’t that good (Iron Man 2), he makes you love him, even though you know he isn’t that loveable.

The big surprises in The Avengers — Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk had some of the best lines, and I enjoyed Black Widow far more than I did in Iron Man 2. And oh Hawkeye….

Jeremy Renner. That is all.

But seriously… The Avengers is a perfect movie.Not the best movie ever made. But for its genre, some of the best acting and writing ever. So good, I wanted to press rewind more than once and was ready to watch the movie all over again as soon as it was over. Joss Whedon did a tremendous job with the story and direction, and all the performances were superb. Including and especially the small moments like Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson.


And oh, do yourself a favor — there are two easter eggs. Stay til the end, the very end of the credits.

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