A good vet makes all difference

by Susan Getgood on March 14, 2012

in Dogs

When we moved to Connecticut last year, one of the biggest stresses was whether I would be able to find a good vet. I had been with the same veterinarian for about 15 years. Dr. Cindy Schaefer and the staff at Apple Country Animal Hospital in Stow Mass. had seen us through so many things from illness and loss, to the joy of new puppies! Cindy was more than our vet; she became a friend.

So I searched carefully on the Internet for a veterinary hospital that had similar facilities, and really lucked out when I chose Shelton Veterinary Center. The doctors and staff are both skilled and friendly, and have done a great job for our menagerie over the past year.

And no time more so than on March 3d when I had to say good bye to Music. While they didn’t have the history with this marvelous bitch that Cindy had, and may not realize how much Music contributed to the Scottish Terrier breed, they understood how important she was to ME. In that hour, that’s all that mattered.

Yesterday when I was going through the mail, there was a condolence card from the staff. Signed by the vets and the techs, with short personal notes.

The staff at Apple Country cried with me when I lost Sabrina and Nick; they had after all been treating them most of their lives when we lost them in 2008 and 2009 respectively. I didn’t expect the same at Shelton; they’ve only known us a year. But I was both touched and impressed by the thoughtfulness of the personal notes in the sympathy card.

That’s the bar, folks – veterinarians and vet techs who care for your pets nearly as much as you do.

I am so very lucky to have found it twice.

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