Comic-Con: The Guild, Castle & Eureka plus a few words about the Doctor Who finale

by Susan Getgood on July 28, 2010 · 2 comments

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Next year, I’m taking my vacation at Comic-Con. My husband thinks this is weird and does not plan on joining me but I think my son will want to come. That may say something about the sophistication of his media tastes. Or more likely, the total geeky nerdiness of mine.

At its panel, web series The Guild did not disappoint with its latest music video, Game On (above) although truly nothing will surpass last year’s Do You Want to Date My Avatar.

Guild star Felicia Day also popped into the Eureka panel to announce that she’ll be guest-starring in a 10-ep arc, possibly as love interest for Wil Wheaton‘s character, who was featured in last week’s episode and is going to be on the show for an unspecified number of episodes. Here’s the Eureka video from Comic-Con:

If you watch the show, you know that the season started with a “reset” caused by the time traveling of the five main characters. Lots of possibilities with that scenario that only get more delicious with the addition of new regular James Callis, plus the afore-mentioned additions of Day and Wheaton.

The best part though? Hinted at in the show’s Comic-Con trailer — the return of Nathan Stark, foil and “frenemy” of  hero Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson).

Now to Castle. They did a lot with the “Richard Castle” persona, including a launching a Twitter mystery, via video.

Next season, one of the undercurrents is going to be the filming  of Castle’s first Nikki Heat novel, and part of the Comic-Con panel was a reading by Nathan Fillion (Castle)  and Stana Katic (Beckett) of one of the steamier sections of the novel (clip via I Am A TV Junkie dot com):

They also released a trailer for the movie:

The big spoiler though was that Castle  is arrested for murder in the premiere. I imagine it all works out, since they haven’t changed the name of the series to “Castle Behind Bars” but I’m sure it will only exacerbate the [sexual] tension between Castle and Kate Beckett (the inspiration of the Nikki Heat character.) Here’s that clip:

Finally, nothing to do with Comic-Con, but how awesome was the Doctor Who finale, The Big Bang. I agree with Ain’t It Cool News, that Matt Smith now owns the role. And that this episode was perfectly brilliant Doctor Who. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. And isn’t that what Doctor Who has always been about —

What Happens Next?

Bonus: the BBC released some awesome wedding pix from Amy & Rory’s wedding (via The Inside Trekker)

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