Hair Makeover. Please.

by Susan Getgood on June 29, 2009

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Danielle at foodmomiac,  Susan at Friday Playdate and Heather at No Pasa Nada are offering a hair makeover at Sparrow Hair during BlogHer in Chicago.

I need this makeover. I need some help! I need a plan.

While I love my local hairdresser, I think she’s afraid to do “too much” to my hair. Right now, I am trying to grow it out in preparation for a 10-day trip to southern Africa in September. I figure it will be easier to deal with longer so I can put it up, in either a clip or braids, rather than something short or mid length that requires attention. But: I am open to alternatives. I just need a plan!

Color. What color is my hair? Who knows anymore. In the last 10 years I’ve been brunette, auburn and blond. I think it’s probably brownish with a fair amount of gray and a serious “Bonnie Raitt” white stripe in the front that I’ve had since my 20s. Hence why I have NO idea what color my hair actually is.

Other things you need to know about me and hair.

  • I am good with long and short. In between, that needs to be fussed with. Not my thing.
  • Blow dryer? I might use one during the winter if I am actually going to be outside with wet hair for any length of time. Otherwise, you can write your name on the dust on this appliance.
  • When my hair is short, it is bone straight. It only gets a little wave to it as it gets longer.

Can you help this almost 47-year old with a no fuss hair style that travels well?

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