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by Susan Getgood on June 17, 2009 · 2 comments

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This has been a somewhat random and slightly disjointed week. In that spirit, welcome to a random and disjointed post.

On David Letterman, Sarah Palin and the Jokes – I’ve commented on a few posts about Letterman’s notorious Palin daughter takes NY jokes. My take: if anyone is pimping the Palin daughters, it is the Palins themselves. That is all. YMMV.

Reality TV celebrities/characters – Can these people be any more unpleasant? Seriously. Why is anyone watching their boorish, bad behavior (Speidi)? Why are audiences feeding into their narcissism (Real Housewives, shows about families with lots of kids)? Sorry, I know it can be entertaining to watch a figurative train wreck, but many of the character-driven shows seem to be like this. Isn’t the economy depressing enough? If you enjoy one or more of these programs, can you please help me understand the appeal, because I just do not get it.

To be fair, I don’t really like reality TV in general, but my family has suckered me into watching the dancing one from time to time, and I’ve seen snatches of American Idol. At least those shows entertain in a variety show sort of way. “And a von and a two.”

The character type shows just seem like the most unpleasant soap opera you’ve ever seen, where no one is particularly likable. Why do we watch them?

Iran. – Wow. It reminds me a bit of Tiananmen Square 20 years ago. It was a similar polarizing moment. I hope this ends better.

I was in Hong Kong in the end of May and early June 1989. Read my reminiscences on Snapshot Chronicles Roadtrip.

Last Saturday, we held the Boston BlogHer pre-conference meetup at my house. The weather gods were most definitely smiling on us; it was the best weather of the week. We had a great turnout, and from all reports, everyone had a terrific time.

Pictures from Janice of Meal Makeover Moms, Angela from mommy bytes, Christine from Boston Mamas, and posts from Jon of Daddy Scratches, Karen of 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires and Alana from Good Girl Gone Blog. Alana also made a page on springpad, one of our sponsors (and also her employer.)

Thanks again to our food sponsors Peapod, springpad, Friendly’s, Hebrew National, Home Free Treats and door prize sponsor Westport Rivers Vineyard.

We had lots of leftover food, and took a bunch of the non-perishables down to the local food pantry on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take ice cream, so that continues to tempt us from the freezer.

PS —

Peapod has offered BlogHers (anyone really)  $15 off their first delivery. CODE: BLOGHER.

Terms: Save $15 on your first delivery.  Limit one per household.  Cannot be combined with any other offer.  Expires 8/31/2009.

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