Spring fever for the birds

by Susan Getgood on May 11, 2009

in Birds

I’ve got quite a few new birds at the feeders this year. So far I’ve spotted a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Baltimore Oriole. All the woodpeckers are still coming as well as the cardinal pair and the goldfinches. We also had two ruby-throated hummingbird males battling each other for the territory of the hummer feeder yesterday. I got some pictures, which I will post later this week. Made me wish I could get even closer than I do with my telephoto lens, so I am going to save up for a teleconverter to add to my kit.

TV Report: season finales of Fringe and Bones this week, then we’ll have a dry spell until the return of Eureka, Leverage and Burn Notice this summer. Unfortunately, other favorite Life was cancelled and still no word on Chuck.

This month, I’ll mostly be writing on the new blog Snapshot Chronicles Roadtrip and catching up on all the topics in queue for my professional blog Marketing Roadmaps so I may not be here for a while.

Unless of course I make it to the Star Trek movie, in which case I will DEFINITELY share my thoughts with you!

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