My thoughts on the Battlestar finale, finally

by Susan Getgood on April 2, 2009 · 1 comment

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I can finally put some words around my feeling about the Battlestar Galactica finale.

First hour: everything I’ve come to expect from this show. In some places, maybe more. The way they wove all the stories together was superb.

Which was what made the second hour so very disappointing.

The action roared to a fever pitch. Starbuck dialed the FTL, and they were… at Earth?

Show could have ended for me right there. Because we didn’t get any more answers in that last hour than we had at that moment.

I remember my husband saying: so now it’s over. No, I replied, there’s another hour. 20 minutes later he asked again. So that’s it, right?


But perhaps it should have been. Because except for a few moments — Roslin’s last flight and the Helo/Athena interplay — we didn’t get much in the way of answers or resolution.

Instead of a bang, it was a bit of a whimper.

I don’t even mind so much that we didn’t get a real resolution of the Lee/Kara storyline. Anyone a fan of that pairing saw *that* coming from two seasons away. I sort of stopped caring somewhere in mid-quadrangle of doom.

I’m not even that fussed that we never got a resolution of the Starbuck story. Who was she? I’m not sure I really care. It was still good TV. Most of the time.

Except for the last hour, that is. What bugged me was that it seemed so, pointless. We all knew Roslin was going to die. And Baltar was so slimy you knew, just knew that he’d make it.

I also have no real argument with any of the performances, even in that last oh so pointless hour. The storyline though? Not the best ever.

Battlestar has had good and bad eps in the past. It’s just too bad that one of the uneven, less shining moments was the last hour. Among other things, I must say “what the frak” to the following:

  • Hera’s big deal was to be mitochondrial Eve? Helo and Athena are what, cro-magnon pimps?
  • Tyrol went to be the father of all Celts? Explains a lot though I suppose.
  • Apollo was going to be the pre-historic Jeremiah Johnson? But would he eat pigeon pie?

Seriously, I loved this show. I still love this show.

But that last hour. Meh.

So say me all.

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