Sneak Peek: BSG No Exit

by Susan Getgood on February 8, 2009

in Science Fiction, TV/Film

(hat tip Galactica Sitrep)

Great scene with Lee and Roslin. Echoes of Season 1 when “Captain Apollo” was her military adviser. In fact I’ve noticed a lot of things are “happening again.” Next week being no exception with the return of Ellen Tigh from the dead.

Update 2-12: Looks like SciFi has pulled the Lee/Roslin clip down. Here’s a transcript, thanks to The Patriot Resource (warning: link goes to a spoiler page)

On Colonial One, Roslin tells Lee, “That’s a very excellent observation and that I think that you should keep it in mind when you are assembling new representatives.” Lee is a bit surprised, “When I assemble the new representatives?” Roslin continues, “I will of course remain by title as President, but…” Lee responds, “Madame President, you can do a lot more than that.” Roslin answers, “No, I can’t, Lee. It’s time that I let someone else do the heavy lifting.” Lee is speechless. Roslin takes off her glasses. Lee says, “I don’t know what to say… I would be honored if you think I’m the right one.” Roslin smiles and then says, “You are the right one, Lee. You have always been the right one. My only concern about you is you’re so hell-bent on doing the right thing that you sometimes don’t do the smart thing.” Lee responds, “I’ll try and be smarter… and wronger.” That brings a bit of a laugh from Roslin.

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