Battlestar Galactica takes no prisoners: The Oath

by Susan Getgood on January 31, 2009

in Science Fiction, TV/Film

bsgstarbuckIn last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, The Oath, Starbuck tells Admiral Adama they don’t have time to take prisoners: “They are not your men anymore. They are the enemy.”

As this series wraps up, it isn’t taking any prisoners either.

The return of bad-ass Starbuck was just one of many things to love about The Oath.

Lee and Kara working their way through the ship searching for Adama. Roslin and Tyrol both stepping up to the plate in their own ways. The way writer Mark Verheiden worked in so many minor characters — the thugs from Pegasus, crew chief Laird, Skulls, Narcho, Seelix and Racetrack — to show how divided the military had become and why it was ripe to fall for Zarek and Gaeta’s manipulations. Hoshi’s astonishment at his friend’s treachery. Baltar’s call to Gaeta. Roslin and Adama’s farewell, and of course Bill and Saul’s (Butch & Sundance?) final stand. Moment to moment it got better and better.

No prisoners indeed. A+

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