Hummingbirds and a little sci fi

by Susan Getgood on August 25, 2008

in Birds, Science Fiction, TV/Film, Vermont

In between the rainstorms we were having most of the first two weeks of the month, I finally managed to get some good shots of the female hummingbird.


SciFi Sunday is pretty much on hiatus. Mostly because there hasn’t been so much to talk about. Eventually I will get around to a review of Stargate Continuum; generally, we liked it but haven’t had time to rewatch to write a decent review.

The end of Stargate Atlantis. A non-event really. I haven’t been gotten into season 5 at all, mostly because I realized that most of season 4 was pretty boring. Really miss the Weir and Carson characters. Carter and Woolsey may share letters of the alphabet with them, but they just don’t have the chemistry with the core characters of Sheppard and McKay.

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