Spoiled Goldfinches

by Susan Getgood on June 25, 2008 · 1 comment

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Spoiled Goldfinches

The birds in my backyard have become terribly spoiled. Especially it seems, the goldfinches. So much so that yesterday afternoon, when I tried to move the finch feeder to another pole, the little brats staged a revolt. Of sorts.

We have 3 poles for feeders — two double-sided shepherds hooks and one single. The finch feeder, with thistle seed, is on the single hook and just behind I have a large double hook with two regular food feeders. The nectar feeders for the hummingbirds are on a double hook in the corner of the herb garden, sort of catty-corner from the thistle feeder. Here’s a picture of the yard from earlier this spring; I’ve noted where the different feeders are located.

Spolied Finches 2

When I got the second hummer feeder yesterday, I switched the finch feeder to the same pole as the first hummingbird feeder and put the new nectar feeder on the single pole.

The finches said no to that plan. They perched on top of the large double hook pole and made absolutely no attempt to locate the finch feeder. It was almost like they were staring at me through the window.

So I moved it back, and within moments — almost before I got back in the house —  they were all back chowing down on thistle seed.

My husband’s response when I told him the story? “So your birds are as spoiled as your dogs”

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