SciFi Sunday: Battlestar Galactica… WOW!

by Susan Getgood on June 15, 2008

in Science Fiction, TV/Film

Warning: No attempt to remain spoiler free ahead. If you haven’t watched “Revelations,” the putative Battlestar midseason four finale, but really the 08 season finale, since the show won’t be back until sometime in early 09, don’t read any further.

It was an excellent episode, wrapping up a number of story threads and leaving no one character in specific jeopardy, which is nice given how long we have to wait for the final episodes, while leaving everyone in the fleet — Cylon and human alike — in absolute limbo. Where to now that Earth is no longer an option?

There was much to like about this episode. Katee Sackhoff was excellent, as always. I loved her reaction when she learned Sam was a Cylon, and I always enjoy every scene she has with Jamie Bamber — and there have been not nearly enough this season. I know some Lee and Kara shippers are disappointed that there wasn’t more interaction between the two, feeling that there was more of a friend vibe than a romantic relationship. My opinion: at least 11 hours, maybe 12 of show to go, depending on whether the finale next year gets the reported extra hour. That’s plenty of time to resolve that storyline. And if you don’t like what Ron Moore and team dish out, there’s always fanfic.

Michael Hogan as Saul Tigh was superb. There is no doubt that this man, Cylon notwithstanding, is totally committed to the fleet and the humans in it. He knows exactly what he is doing when he confesses to Adama; without his revelation, there is no resolution.

Lucy Lawless. Flawless as Deanna. And Mary McDonnell delivered her usual stellar performance, as did the supporting cast.

The core of the episode, though, was the Adamas, two characters we’d not seen nearly enough in the season. If this was why we had to wait so long for significant Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber screen time, I’ll consider the wait worthwhile. Adama’s reaction to Tigh’s revelation was heart-wrenching, but the scene where Lee was taking care of his devastated parent was a turning point. As Roslin says later, he saw what had to be done and did it. Even though Adama Sr. retakes his place as Admiral and Roslin returns as president at the end of the ep, it’s clear that a torch has been passed from the older generation to the younger. Adama Sr. and Roslin, even Tigh, are observers. The actors — the ones who move the story forward — are Lee, Kara and Deanna, and to a lesser extent Tory, Sam and Tyrol.

The ending. I can’t say I was surprised. There have been enough hints that when the fleet found Earth it wouldn’t be what they expected.

I’m looking forward to seeing where they take us next. Wish it were sooner than next year, but so it goes. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the return of Stargate Atlantis next month (still without the Elizabeth Weir character, oh well) and Bones next fall, look forward to the Stargate SG1 film this summer and anticipate the new Whedon series Dollhouse. That’s about as much TV as I can handle at one time anyway 🙂

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