SciFi Sunday: R2D2 at the Natick Mall

by Susan Getgood on June 8, 2008

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Actually, yesterday in a mall not far from our house…

Douglas and a legion of 5 to 12 year old Jedi Warriors (and their parents) helped a LEGO Master Builder build a giant R2D2 from LEGO bricks. They were about half-way through construction when we got there Saturday afternoon. They are expected to finish Sunday afternoon, and the completed model will be on display at the Natick Mall LEGO store for about a month.



The kids don’t actually add pieces directly to the model. They build subassemblies, which the Master Builder and his assistants attach to the model. The small size model (picture below) is built mostly from white, gray, brown and blue 2×4 bricks.


The kids use smaller bricks to create a large equivalent of the 2×4 brick which the Master Builder uses to assemble the giant model.




For their efforts, they get a certificate and a $5 coupon off a $35.00 purchase. If they are a member of the LEGO Brickmaster club, they also got a postcard in the mail that entitled them to a free Star Wars LEGO keyring with a $25.00 purchase. Needless to say, we used all the coupons plus a LEGO giftcard we had from Christmas toward the purchase of two new kits.

It’s definitely a fun thing to do if your kid likes LEGOs.

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