SciFi Sunday: Pre-empted for holiday weekend

by Susan Getgood on May 25, 2008

in Science Fiction, Vermont

SciFi Sunday is pretty much pre-empted for the holiday weekend. We are up at our house in Vermont this weekend and have been doing a little site seeing. Douglas and I went to Billings Farm’s Sheepshearing Days yesterday and today all three of us went to Fort Ticonderoga.

I also attempted to get some pictures of the space station as it moved over us just past 9pm Eastern. The squiggles? That’s me moving the camera before the shutter closed. Yeah, I know, they suck. Oh well.

Next week, new episodes of Sarah Jane and Battlestar, plus we are planning to see Indy 4 on Tuesday night so there will be lots to talk about.

Request for help: I am putting together a panel on Social Media and the Writers Strike for a conference this fall. If you know anyone in either the WGA or the fan community who was actively engaged in creating videos for online distribution during the strike, please give me a shout. I’ve got some good panelists lined up, but I’d like one or two more.

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