SciFi Sunday: Step into the Dollhouse, Sarah Jane and What the Frak?

by Susan Getgood on May 18, 2008

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Late last week, the first trailers for the new Joss Whedon show, The Dollhouse, hit the ‘net (hat tip Twitter pal ProgGrrl). The premise is a sci fi fan’s dream — agents able to take on any persona, do the job and then revert back to a memory-less state. Except maybe not. Maybe they don’t forget everything. How does that change the equation?

I am really looking forward to this show. Of course, there’s the Joss factor. He’s never done a show that I haven’t loved. And given the cast here, I don’t expect The Dollhouse to be any different. For starters we’ve got Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett and Amy Acker, and you have to know that even the actors we don’t (yet) know will be super.

More on The Dollhouse at Entertainment Weekly. To stay updated, follow The Dollhouse on Twitter

While we haven’t been able to get into David Tennant as Doctor Who, my whole family is enjoying The Sarah Jane Adventures. In fact, we were pissed last Friday when SciFi seemed to truncate the end of Sarah Jane in order to start Doctor Who. Some reviews: Metacritic Wired.

I know some folks thinks it is a bit “kiddy” but it is nice to have a smart scifi show that appeals to kids. Anime cartoons and Power Rangers just don’t count. Fridays at 8pm on SciFi Channel. Not on next week due to Memorial Day weekend, but back on the 3oth.

Battlestar Galactica. I’m enjoying the show, although I still wish for more Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber this season. I haven’t had the urge to re-watch an episode since the second one, but the show is still gripping me. Especially last week.

What was good?

  • The interactions between Roslin and Lee. Mark my words, they are setting it up that Lee is the only person everyone trusts.
  • The Cylon Rebel Leader Six. Natalie is the name I’ve seen on the boards. Tricia Helfer is doing a superb job this season. [SPOILER ALERT] From the previews, it looks like she is NOT dead, which fits. To become human requires suffering…
  • Not a big Gaeta fan, but the song was haunting.

What would I like to see?

  • Some Lee and Kara interaction beyond a glance on Colonial One. I’m fine with setting up the story, but I want a payoff. As do many of the Lee/Kara fans who’ve stuck with the show through the Quadrangle Of Doom. Doesn’t have to be happily ever after, although that would be nice. A scene. That’s all we ask.
  • The payoff on the set-up with Lee as a Quorum member. I’m convinced he’s the next president after Roslin. How are they going to get him there, and do they have to kill her off – I hope not.

Now for the what the frak. Alert viewers — not me, I just read the websites — have noticed some changes between the original version of the Last Supper Photo as published in Entertainment Weekly, and the one that currently appears on the SciFi Channel website.

Here’s the original:


And here’s the one currently on SciFi Channel:


The changes? The little pot that Laura Roslin appears to have lit in the first image is not in the second, although the lit match is. And Baltar is no longer holding the hand of the central Six figure. What does it all mean? I have no clue, but it seems clear that we will need to keep checking this picture for changes as the season progresses.

Also, it has always appeared that Natalie (rebel leader Six) was pointing at Helo and Athena. Makes sense now.

SciFi this week. No Battlestar this Friday but we do have Bones tomorrow night. And Indiana Jones returns to movie theaters on Thursday, an event much looked forward to in our household. Hard to believe that this character first hit the screen when I was in college. Douglas and I were discussing that this afternoon. His comment: “So the movies are pretty old.”

Yes indeed my dear. They are. But it looks like Indy still has a bit of life left in him and so do I.

And with that my friends, I bid you good night.

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