Cam and Vala off to new homes

by Susan Getgood on May 1, 2008

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There were 10 comments (excluding my own) on the Ark of Truth review, so we have winners for the Mitchell and Vala figures. The poor Prior is still in the storage closet with the second set of figures, so I guess I’ll have to come up with another way to get him out of the closet.

Winner of the Cameron Mitchell figure is Nightsister, who said this about Daniel Jackson:

“I also think you need to really watch how Daniel (and the rest of the team too) develops from “Children of the Gods” to the present — it’s not just the hair that changes, honest! — but I would recommend “Lifeboat” for an amazing Michael Shanks performance.”

Winner of the Vala Mal Doran figure is ColeJ, who had this to say:

“If you want to see the best of Daniel Jackson, then “Meridian” from the 5th season is a “must watch” episode because 1) Daniel sacrifices himself to save a planet of people who are too stupidly selfish to save themselves; 2) you will get to see how profoundly Daniel/Michael Shanks affected each of his teammates in the first five seasons. The cast’s reactions are genuine and mirror that of the characters. For a later episode that shows, again, how far Daniel will go to make life better/safer for the masses, watch season 10’s “The Shroud”, which ties in directly to the Ori storyline and “The Ark of Truth”. The geeky nerd from the original movie, though he becomes macho and militaristic in later years, manages to retain his deeply unselfish tact throughout the ten years of the show and continues to believe in and dedicate himself to a “greater good”. He never becomes cynical, which is refreshing in the often-dark environment of the Stargate reality.”

Winners were selected using a random number generator.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on Daniel Jackson with me. Please keep reading SciFi Sunday, especially when Continuum is released, when I will do my second SG-1 action figure giveaway.

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