SciFi Sunday: Short Subject

by Susan Getgood on April 27, 2008

in Science Fiction, Travel

Still getting over the jetlag from the trip back from California, so SciFi Sunday tonight is going to be a short comment that I was disappointed with last Friday’s Battlestar Galactica. Let’s call it the Cylon adjustment episode — the focus was mainly on the three of the frakked four who are still with the Fleet. I don’t dislike Tory or Chief, but I just wasn’t that interested in their turmoil, or not, at Cally’s death. Tigh, on the other hand, was more interesting but I thought they drew the device of Ellen/Six out way too long. Not enough Lee, Kara, Roslin or Adama.

Back to our regularly scheduled sci fi conversation next week. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Douglas feeding Pewani, a 9-10 year old giraffe, at San Diego Wild Animal Park.


More photos from our vacation on Flickr.

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