SciFi Sunday: Pre-empted by vacation

by Susan Getgood on April 20, 2008

in Douglas, Holiday, Science Fiction, Travel

SciFi Sunday is pre-empted this week by our family vacation. I’d much rather spend time exploring the environs of San Diego California than waxing poetic about science fiction and fantasy.

Although I will say that Battlestar Galactica rocked last week. I didn’t even mind that there was so much Cally in it for once 🙂

Regularly scheduled rantings and ravings about science fiction will be back next week. In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures of our first day in California.

And don’t be confused by the picture of the dog and the cat, or our family room at home. They were on the same card as the CA pictures and I have a small person who wants to do Webkinz hanging on me, so no time to create multiple sets.

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