A bit of spring in Boston

by Susan Getgood on March 14, 2008 · 1 comment

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A bit of the Flower Show came home with me.

Last night I went into town for the New England Spring Flower Show. I was invited by the show’s PR agency Weber Shandwick to “Girls Night Out,” a special event at the show with a variety of added attractions aimed at women (duh!).

Being my first “media” invite for something “mom” versus marketing-related, plus the free admission to the Flower Show, I carved out the few hours to attend.

I’ve attended the Flower Show a number of times in the past decade– most recently about 3 years ago with my mum and then four-year old son, an experience I have not chosen to repeat. It was fine taking him to these things BEFORE he could walk. But once he was out of the stroller, forget it.

It’s always fun to get a breath of spring as we watch the “dino” snow* melt in the parking lots and mud season begin up North. Some general impressions of this year’s show:

  • The theme was Green, as in sustainable. However, it carried through in the exhibits too, with many of them being foundation plantings, shrubs and trees, versus flowers. A particularly striking one was comprised mostly of Bamboo Trees.
  • There seemed to be fewer exhibits, and they also seemed smaller than in past years. There were, however, the usual number of vendors.
  • Clearly the special events in the evenings are designed to increase the gate on slow nights. Unlike going on a weekend day as we usually have in the past, the show was relatively uncrowded and I had no trouble finding a parking space. I might even give it a shot again next year with Douglas. They have a kids’ scavenger hunt that he might be old enough for now.
  • The extra events for Girl’s Night Out that I enjoyed: the wine booth (too bad it wasn’t free), makeovers, chair massages and the pasta sample from Wilson Farms. I observed but did not participate in the Belly Dancing lessons, and did not stay for the door prize drawing so can’t comment on that.

Here are some pictures. More on Flickr.

IMG_0463 IMG_0476 IMG_0478 IMG_0486

And just for Kristen Chase at Motherhood Uncensored, I took this picture of a vendor booth:


A final note: membership in the Mass Horticultural Society includes flower show tickets. WIth a $20 admission fee per adult, if you plan to go, membership is well worth it. Would I recommend membership in the Society if you can’t make the show. Hard to say. All I can tell you is that we were members when we were going every year and I let it drop when we stopped. Flower Show ends Sunday March 16th.

* “Dino” snow is the big piles of plowed snow that hang around so long, long after the snow has for the most part melted, that it seems almost Jurassic. The “King of the Mountain” pictures we took of dogs Reva and Cash are on our own dino-mountain in the back yard.


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