Holy moly Hannah Montana

by Susan Getgood on December 19, 2007

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Friday, I will be escorting three children to see Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana at the DCU Center in Worcester. We got the tickets from my client HP, who is a sponsor of the US Concert Tour.

Douglas doesn’t care that much about Miley/Hannah, but I know he’ll enjoy the concert because he loves music. The two girls we’ve invited to join us, the 11-year-old from across the street and an 8-year-old who Doug has known since daycare four years ago (WOW, time flies) are both a bit more invested.

Call me crazy, but I am really looking forward to spending the evening with the kids.

I know it’s hard to get tickets, but unlike most concerts, the Miley/Hannah tour encourages you to bring your camera, so kids lucky enough to go to the concert should remember to bring their digital camera. We certainly will.

Afterwards, Doug and I will be making MyConcert Memory Books on Disney.com as gifts for his two friends. We’ll be making HP Photo Books, which makes sense given my recent work on the launch campaign, but you can also share the books at Disney.com or purchase a printed one online.

What’s really cool about the Hannah books is that the kids can mash up their own photos with one that Miley takes from the stage at the concert they attended (how cool is that!) plus four- six other pictures of Hannah/Miley from the concert and a whole bunch of general photos from the tour – rehearsals, promo photos and so on. Even if a child doesn’t attend a concert, they might enjoy a book with some of the photos.

An important note: kids should make the book with their parents. Children under 13 logging in alone will be able to make a book with the photos on Disney.com and share it with their friends on Disney, but they won’t be able to add their own photos or comments, or print out the book at home. Plus most kids will go to the concert with their parents, and this is a fun activity for them to do together afterward!

We’ll report more after the concert on Friday!

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