Doug’s View on Vermont

by Susan Getgood on September 9, 2007

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Douglas is developing quite a photographic eye. Some of his pictures, I wonder, but others, I think wow, only 7 years old.

He loves his HP digital camera. It is easy to use and brand new when he got it — not a hand-me-down from mum or dad. That makes a difference, and I urge parents to consider that when getting their kids started with photography. I think it is better to get your child his or her own really simple, inexpensive camera, versus giving them one of your old ones which may have more options and buttons than they are ready for. Plus, all kids like it when they get it new, not hand-me-down.

The camera he has, courtesy of my client HP, the HP Photosmart M537, retails for about $130, and uses AA batteries. No need to even fuss about charging, just make sure you have a spare pair of batteries in your pocket or purse for when your kid says “my camera is out of juice.” Happened to us and I had to let him use mine for a few shots of poisonous frogs.

Here are some of the pictures he took during our stay in Vermont last month:

At Shelburne Museum

The boiler of the Ticonderoga




At the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller mansion and gardens. He has quite an eye for flowers.
dougmb1.jpgdougmb2.jpgdougmb3.jpg dougmb4.jpgdougmb5.jpgdougmb6.jpg

And finally a video of some fish at VINS

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