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by Susan Getgood on August 24, 2007 · 2 comments

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(updated September 5th with some additional prizes)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures to A Little Perspective, the kids photo contest sponsored by Picture This, The Little Zygote That Could and Snapshot Chronicles. The entries were great, and it was hard to make our decisions. But we did 🙂

Here are the winners of our great prizes donated by Photojojo, HP, ClubMom and Fruity Cheerios. A complete list of prizes is posted below.

Under 6

First Place: What is This by Kerian

Second Place: Day at the Park by Faith

Third Place: Here Comes the Curl by Eve

Honorable Mentions: Green Swing by Olivia, Self-portrait by Marielle (6 months old), My Brother by Melody

Under 9

First Place: The dog by N (Natalya)

Second Place (tie): Lake Tahoe through the Trees by Alana and Snow from the Back Window by Delilah

Honorable Mentions: Alyssum by Celie, Hungry Gators by Matthew and Princess Leia by Vincent
Under 13

First Place: Overboard by Dakota

Second Place: Luna Moth by Caleb

Third Place: Spiral by Lil Zoot

Honorable Mentions: Turtle by Ryan and UIL from the 2d Floor by J

Be sure to check out the pool on Flickr to see all the other great entries. Tracey is going to keep the group open, and we hope everyone will continue to submit photos to the pool so we can see how these budding talents blossom*.


Photojojo Camera Case
HP Pen
Club Mom Water Bottle

HP Notebook with pen
Photojojo Mailable Picture Frame
Club Mom Water Bottle
HP Bomba Pen (one)

HP Ball Cap (pink or blue)
Club Mom Water Bottle
HP Bomba Pen (one)

Honorable Mention
Fruity Cheerios
Club Mom Water Bottle

* Yeah, sorry about the flower thing, couldn’t help myself.

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