Doug’s Lobster Dinner

by Susan Getgood on July 15, 2007 · 1 comment

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So yesterday, I said I didn’t think I’d use Scrapblog much. Figures that today Doug would reach an important milestone that merited the Scrapblog treatment: his first lobster dinner of his very own in a restaurant. We went into Boston today, popped in quickly to the NE Aquarium, and then took a Harbor Cruise to Charlestown where we briefly toured a destroyer and the USS Constitution. Afterward, we went to Legal Seafoods for a late lunch, early dinner:

Scrapblog link:

The weird thing about Scrapblog was that today I could not find a simple direction to “generate embed code.” Instead I had to muck around with the different publish options until I found one that would work with my WordPress blog.

On another note, Doug and I both took our new HP cameras today. I was a bit disconcerted at not having a viewfinder, even though we really don’t use them that much with snapshot cameras, but overall, pleased with the quality of the photos. You can see the whole set from the day on Flickr.

Doug’s principal goal was to get a good picture of a jelly fish. Which he did.


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