Douglas Courage

by Susan Getgood on July 12, 2007 · 1 comment

in Douglas

At camp today, Douglas, one of his friends and a counselor were bee stung. They were all on a nature walk with the group, but Doug, his friend Olivia, another child and a counselor were a bit behind. Olivia stepped on a bee hive and it was all over except the screaming and the shouting. Doug had four stings, Olivia five and the counselor one. Apparently the other child escaped sting-less.

Anyway, by the time camp called us, Doug was fine and off on an activity. But we decided to make the evening a little special so we went out for a bite to eat at the local pub. He wanted to have his picture taken in front of a “John Courage” pub sign, but since it was a mirror, we discovered pretty quickly that straight on showed Mom in the picture. Not happening.

So I took the picture from the side. I quite like it.


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