The week that was

by Susan Getgood on June 24, 2007

in Animals, Douglas, Family

No easy way to say it. Last week, a good friend died unexpectedly and way too soon.  He was a good friend to Dave and me, and my brother in law Dick’s best friend since, well, forever. Rest in Peace Flip.

Dick, my brother in law, came up from Pittsburgh for the funeral. Here is a picture Douglas took of his Uncle and Dad.


In more lighthearted news (unless you are a field rodent or a chipmunk) our nine-year old bitch Music and her best feline friend Merlin have been casing a section of the fence. I rescued a chipmunk yesterday from a fate…. well, you know.


Edited in Picasa, image size reduced in irfanview.

Finally, for puppy fans, here’s a picture of the puppy bitch at two weeks.


Their eyes are open and they should be walking, albeit like drunken sailors, within the next few days.

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