It ain’t easy being green…

by Susan Getgood on June 4, 2007

in Photo Contests

But at least now Kermit has some friends in Far Far Away.

This week’s theme in HP’s Shrek photo contest is “Green” and photo blogger friend Tracey Clark (Picture This) has an entry, so check it out and vote!

UPDATE:  I’ve noticed that some folks have been using their entry confirmation links for their friends and family to vote. This link will not work. Snapfish will send you a Forward to a Friend (FTAF) email like the one below that includes a copy of your picture, a view and vote button, and at the bottom (follow the arrow on the image below) a hyperlink which is the same URL as the vote button. This is the hyperlink you need to use on your blog or paste into emails if you do not forward the FTAF email directly.

If you do not get a Forward to a Friend email, contact Snapfish for help.

UPDATE July 8 07: For some reason, still to be determined, image links are breaking in this blog, and I can’t find the original screen shot that was linked here. Apologies.

Tags: HP, photo contest, Shrek

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