Bad SitCom Episode: The Craptastic Day

by Susan Getgood on May 24, 2007 · 2 comments

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So, you think you had a bad day.  Well, let me tell you a bit about mine. With pictures, although not taken by me.

It was sort of a good news/bad news sequence of events, and reads a bit like a sketch you might see on a Fox sitcom. Except I’m a Democrat.

Bad News: This morning our washer broke. Not the end of the world certainly, but Douglas is 7 and we are expecting puppies in a couple of weeks. Puppies make LOTS of laundry. So David called the appliance store downtown.

Good News: If we came down and ordered something right away, they could deliver in the afternoon. . So we drove downtown, parked the VW Beetle convertible on Main Street right in front of the store, and went in to select a washing machine.

Things are looking up in Mudville. Ah ha. Not so fast.

Bad News: While we are in the store, a big industrial truck takes out the VW. I mean, takes it out: serious driver side damage, no more mirror and the bumper. Well, it is hanging on by a prayer. Plus a dead tire. This is to my PARKED car. We of course are in the store and still clueless. Until we come out to a police officer approaching, pointing to the car and asking if we knew who owned it.  Pictures.

I know you are thinking there’s no more Good News here. Well, in fact, there is. About a block away they were shooting a TV commercial for Subway and it took all of 1 minute for the police officers on detail there to get to our little accident. Which mind you, we still don’t know about. This means the driver of the truck, had he been so inclined, could not avoid the consequences. By the time we came out, the Hudson police officer had everything under control, the tow truck on the way and the truck driver cited for reckless driving. Needless to say, the driver has accepted total responsibility, so while I won’t have my baby for a few weeks,  my insurance won’t get tagged to fix the car.

BTW the new washing machine is awesome.

Nevertheless, I am taking tomorrow off. Back Tuesday, hopefully with pictures of our new patio. Have a great weekend.

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